We look for volunteers who are open minded, friendly, and enthusiastic!

Friends Connect Foundation facilitates casual socials where teens, both with and without special needs, can connect and spend time together!

We focus on creating friendships for children in middle school and high school, so we ask that our volunteers are at least 11 years old.

No experience or special skills are required for general volunteer positions! Volunteer training is held at every program’s events.

Our programs make a real difference in the lives of our volunteers which is why many join us on a regular basis

Program Positions

Explore the positions listed below for information on the different ways that you can be a part of our events!!



  • Friends Connect Foundation Team T-Shirt
  • Service Hours Report
  • Snacks and Beverages
  • New Friends
  • New Skills
  • Awesome Memories !

General Volunteer Positions

New Friends, Consistent Schedule of Service Hours, Awesome Memories


  • Be paired by common interests with one of our kids with special needs to be their buddy for the event !
  • Engage in activities, chat, hang out, and connect with your new friend !
  • Buddies are encouraged to attend all four events so that long-term friendships can be established

Activity Assistants

  • Support the Buddies and their designated participants in completing each activity by teaching and reinforcing rules, instructions, and new skills.

Event Support

  • Help with registration, directing buddy pairs to their groups, food serving, event surveillance, set up etc.

Leadership Positions

Guide The Groups!

Instructors and Activity Leaders

  • We look for special needs certified instructors to lead our event activities.
  • Activity Leaders guide groups in completing modified versions of a main activity, and they are taught by our instructors prior to the program’s launch date.

Administrative/Special Skills Positions

Photography / Videography

  • Help us capture the special moments that our special kids experience at our events!

Job Listings and Internships

  • Check out our Indeed page for an updated list of available paid and unpaid positions

Program Evaluators

  • We look for volunteers, parents, health professionals, educators, and instructors with special needs certifications to develop and evaluate safe, meaningful, and enjoyable programs.

Board Position Openings

  • We look for individuals with community outreach, financial, legal, medical, eduction, research, marketing or grant-writing expertise.

Interested in our Leadership, Administrative or Special Skills Positions?



Is there an age limit?

The only position with an age restriction are our “Buddy” and Leadership positions. We ask that our volunteers are between the ages of 11 and 20. Leadership positions require individuals who are at least 18 years of age. However, please view the Program Positions section of this page for more volunteer positions.

How do I sign up?

Please register as a volunteer in our database and click the appropriate response to the Yes/No buttons next to each event in the “Volunteering?” column.

Can I get service hours? How do I get the report?

Volunteers will find their attendance history when they view their volunteer profile in the database. First select the user you want service hours for by clicking “Edit/View Details”. Then, scroll to the attendance history. Next, select Volunteer Hour PDF.

Can I still volunteer if I have little to no experience with special needs children?

YES, you can! Like many of our volunteers, it will be their first time working with special needs children as well. However, not to worry! Returning volunteers, staff, and Activity Leaders will be nearby to help and answer any questions that arise.

I don’t live in New Jersey, can I still volunteer?

Our programs are presently hosted at various locations in New Jersey, but we welcome participants and volunteers that live out-of-state to join us!

Can I invite a friend to volunteer with me?

Of course! Please be sure to have all accompaniments register as a new volunteer in our database.

What should I bring/wear?

Dress appropriately for what the weather forecast predicts for the day of the event. However, no specific attire is needed unless otherwise stated under the event description. For spring or summer outdoor events, be sure to bring water and sunscreen!

Is food included?

Yes, but we can not accommodate dietary restrictions. Please plan accordingly.

I have another question not listed above!



Events are two hours long for volunteers as our set up and take down times are normally thirty minutes.

If a Buddy ever feels uncomfortable or unsafe, they are informed during volunteer training to tell an event staff member or Activity Leader. The individual is welcome to be reassigned to a new participant for the remainder of the program.